Steel and flesh in bionic harmony. Experience what it’s like to lift weights that are perfectly balanced, ergonomically engineered, and feel like a natural extension of the human body in motion. An ingenious reinvention, an artistic redesign, and a true evolution of something that has been the same for over 200 years – dumbbells have now certainly earned their moniker.

Q. Why are jBells superior?

A. The patented spherical design provides perfectly balanced weight distribution, wrist support in all movements, and maximum range of motion.

Q. Who would benefit from jBells?

A. Our customers include Olympic level athletes, luxury sports clubs, and private clients that are seeking state of the art equipment and maximum results. But also include professionals that seek to minimize wrist injury – surgeons, musicians, and artists.

Q. Who invented jBells?

A. Jea Jung. Christened by Inc. Magazine as “one of the top young guns transforming the gym scene…an artist disguised as a gym owner”, he teamed up with world renowned pain management physician Jorg Rosler to reinvent the most fundamental tool of exercise. The design was not perfected until it was battle tested by the three greatest bodybuilders of all time – 4 time mr. Olympia Phil Heath, 4 time Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler, and 10 time Ms. Olympia Iris Kyle.