What makes jBells different than regular dumbbells?

They are engineered to be perfectly balanced with zero moment of inertia. 
Traditional dumbbells, which employ a polarized weight distribution, generate perpetual misalignment of forces which are constantly transferred to the joints of the user. 
At every point in space, regardless of trajectory or acceleration, the muscular resistance is nearly frictionless due to the lack of shearing force.

Why are they so expensive?

As with any product evolution, things are most most capital intensive in the early stages of engineering and manufacturing. Our goal is to completely innovate the most fundamental tool in fitness. As we achieve more efficiencies over time, we’ll pass those on to our customers. 

Can I design my own custom set or pair?

Yes, we’ve crafted some amazing pieces for our private clients. Please email your request to j@jbells.com

Where can I find a gym that has jBells?

Coming soon.